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176 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
a collision or declares that the train is off the track, there is merry confusion, for all the players simultaneously must perform the several duties assigned them and meantime find seats. One chair having been removed, the player left out must be the story-teller.
In France, they tie the hands behind the back, instead of blindfolding the pursuer, which affords quite as much sport—and incurs less risk of accident.
The players seat themselves in a circle, and, after one of their number has been blindfolded, they all noise­lessly change places. The blindman then seats himself in the lap of some one, without groping or touching any­one with his hands. He must then guess the name of the person in whose lap he is sitting. If successful, that person then becomes the blindman. It is some­times played where a question is asked and then answered in a whisper as a help to the solution.
This game proclaims itself an old one by its suggestion of gallantry, which the children of the present fortunately have not had instilled by their elders in their play-times. The boys are all sent from the room, the girls are seated, leaving a vacant place beside each one at her right hand, to be occupied by the boy whom she shall choose. The selection is not kept secret, but frankly announced.
Each boy is then in turn recalled and asked to guess which girl has chosen him to sit beside her. If his guess is correct, he remains in his place, while the players clap their hands in approval of his success. If he guess
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