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Children's Games
wrongly, he is apprised of the fact by hisses, upon hear­ing which he beats a hasty retreat.
This offers a contest of agility. All sit around the room on chairs, on the floor, or about a table. Every player may be known by a number, if their names are not well known to one another.
One then takes a tin plate and spins it. As his hand leaves it, he calls upon one of the company by name or number, who must catch the plate before it falls or pay a forfeit. As the dexterity of the spinner is probably an unknown quantity, the one who is called upon must be very alert. He or she then spins the platter, calling upon another to catch it, and so on.
A ring is slipped on a long piece of heavy twine, which is held by the players, standing in a circle. One person stands in the centre and tries to seize the hand that holds the ring, which meantime is rapidly passed on from hand to hand—or a feint of passing it is often made in order to mislead the one on the alert to detect its place. This bewilders him, but, when successful, the person in whose hand the ring is found must take his place in the circle.
The children join hands in a ring, and turn around, singing some familiar song. One of their number is left outside and holds a handkerchief. He walks quietly around the circle, and when not observed drops the handkerchief behind some player on the floor, and then crying "Find!" runs off. The one behind whom the handkerchief lies must pick it up and try to catch the
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