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i8o The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
to seat himself or herself in the one chair remaining, wins the game and possibly a prize.
A rope is held by the players in a ring, while one per­son, who is called the "Dane," remains within the circle of the rope. He tries to slap the hands of those who have hold of the rope, which they must elude by letting go in time. If he succeeds, the person whose hands are slapped must take his place.
The players form a line, one behind the other, holding on to each other's clothes, and at their head is the leader, called the Shepherdess—while they are supposed to be her flock of lambs.
Another player personates a Wolf, who stands in a threatening attitude at a little distance. The Shep­herdess tremblingly says, "Kind Wolf, I beg that you will not hurt my lambs." To which the Wolf replies, "I wish only for this one"; whereupon he pounces upon the last "lamb" in the line. The Shepherdess tries to defend it, and if, after all, the Wolf carries off the lamb, he takes it to his den and returns for another of the flock. If on the way to the den the lamb can slip away from the Wolf and join the Shepherdess, the Wolf must yield his office to that lamb and take his place at the end of the line.
The Shepherdess loses her leadership for having lost a lamb, and the one next behind her takes her place.
This is an old English game, which American children have altered to "Dixie's Land." It is played in the same way.
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