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182 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
"Hul Gul Hands full Parcel how many?" The second player then guesses the number. If, for example, the guess is five, and the hand holds seven, the first says, "Give me two to make it seven."
If a player guesses more than are in the hands, he must give the difference to the questioner. If less, the questioner must give him the difference.
This game is honourable, if age can confer that dis­tinction. It is alluded to by Xenophon as in use in his day in the game of "How Many?"
This game is also called "Tierce" and "Touch the Third."'
The players stand in a circle two deep, excepting in one place, where there are three.
One representing the Fox stands outside the circle and must not go inside it. His object is to touch the third player wherever he can reach him, but when he makes the attempt the one so pursued darts into the circle and stands before some other pair, which at once endangers the outer one of the pair, who thus becomes the third, and therefore the object of pursuit.
The aim of the Fox being thus transferred from one to another—since his prey is always the one who forms the outside of a row of three—the fact makes the pur­suit very lively. Any Goose that is caught must then become the Fox.
It would almost imply an accusation of lack of intelli­gence in one's readers to offer to them a description oC
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