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Active and Outdoor Games                 187
another is passed on in feverish haste and dropped into the empty baskets at the end of the lines. If any object be dropped in its transit, it has to be given to the captain and started over again. The side which has first landed all the articles safely in the basket wins, and it adds much to the excitement if some non-combatant stands by and reports which side is ahead every time there is a change; or two persons may fill this role, taking sides and shouting lustily for the cause they have es­poused, like the sympathisers at a ball game.
The prizes should be something divisible among the players of the winning side—tiny boxes of bonbons, packages of chocolate cigarettes for the boys, and the same confection in other pretty forms for the girls; or pencils of silver or nickel that may be had resembling matches, screws, keys, nails, etc.
This game could as well be played out of doors.
This is a game that children under thirty all seem to find vastly enjoyable.
All the players stand in a ring, about two feet apart from each other, except one, who takes the place in the middle, holding a long, stout string, to the other end of which is firmly tied a small book wrapped in paper.
The person in the centre then whirls the book around the circle, on the floor, holding by the string—each time coming nearer the feet of the players forming the ring, who, as it nears them, must jump over it. As the book is whirled very rapidly the jumping is most lively, for if it touches the foot of any one that person must take his or her turn in the middle and try to hit the feet of some one else whose owner is not sufficiently alert.
Sometimes one throws the line so deftly that it winds
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