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188 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
around and around the ankles of the person off guard— fairly entrapping him or her.
A sofa-pillow or hassock is placed end upward on the floor. The company divides itself into two sides, which face each other, and then joining hands they dance around the hassock a few times, until suddenly one side tries to pull the other forward in such a manner that one of their adversaries shall touch the hassock and overturn it. There is a merry scrimmage until finally some one's foot touches the hassock and over it goes. The culprit drops out of the ring, and the game goes on until but two contestants remain, when they fight it out to the bitter end—cheered on by their respective partisans.
The players try to hop over the hassock to avoid contact with the cushion, throw themselves back, or by some device contrive to keep out or danger. Few games are merrier.
This game is perhaps too well known to need descrip­tion, but some may have forgotten its simple rules. It has the advantage of being a game in which all can join.
Two leaders are chosen, who then proceed to select their followers from among the company. These range themselves in two lines facing each other, the captains at their head. At the end of the lines farthest from the captains a large clothes-basket is placed.
Bags, about ten inches square, of two contrasting colours—a dozen red and a dozen yellow, perhaps— filled with beans, constitute the ammunition. Each leader has his bean-bags piled on a chair at his side, and
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