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Active and Outdoor Games                189
at the signal to begin each of them takes a bag in his right hand, passes it to his left, and then to his neigh­bour, who does the same as rapidly as possible, and so down the line. At the end of the line it is dropped into the basket. Meanwhile, another bag is being sent in hot haste, following the same course. When all have been collected in the basket, they are sent back again in the same manner, and the side whose bags have first reached the starting-point counts one. If a bag is dropped it must be picked up and started from the beginning of the line again. The side first scoring five points wins the game.
Another way of playing it is to divide the sides into partners, who stand opposite to each other in the rows. The leader on each side throws his bag to his partner, who stands second in the opposite line. He throws it to the third person in front of him, and so on until all the bags have reached the ends of the rows and are dropped into the basket. They are then sent back again, and the captain who has first received the bags on their return trip wins the game for his side.
This is a contest in which both sexes and all ages may join. Two rows of potatoes are laid along the ground, for a distance of a hundred feet or so—about five feet apart. A basket or pail is placed at the farther end from which the contestants start. Two persons begin together, each armed with a spoon, and must pick up the potatoes, one by one, on the spoon—without touching them with the hand—and carry them safely to be dropped into the basket. One may select the potatoes in any order one pleases, but must make a separate trip for each one.
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