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Active and Outdoor Games                 191
Players may try for the prizes in pairs, the matching colours of the beribboned pipes guiding the selection of partners.
A third bubble contest may be held on a table covered with a woolen cloth, upon which ribbon-bound wickets are placed at intervals. Sides are taken, and each player may blow three bubbles at a turn, endeavouring to fan or blow them through the wickets before they burst. It counts five points if the bubble passes one wicket, ten for two, fifteen for three.
These games may be played indoors if, for the first, a rope or ribbon be stretched across the room in place of a net.
When the weather permits out-of-door sports this promises to be a favourite amusement. Large paper roses, pansies, sunflowers, daisies, and ribbon-trimmed bows and arrows comprise the outfit. For the summer game the flowers were backed with cardboard and sus­pended as targets from trees, shrubs, and projecting points of porch wherever opportunity afforded. Sway­ing in the wind, it was not easy to send the arrows to the centre, making the game more difficult and, there­fore, more exciting. In the drawing-room they serve as fixed targets, the players taking sides, the one that scores the most points winning the prize. The modern drawing-room, brilliantly lighted and pro tern trans­formed into a shooting-gallery, is a very attractive place. Cupid is ever busy, and oftentimes hearts are pierced instead of the rose and pansy targets. Like throwing the boomerang, floral archery is a very graceful game and a novelty indoors.
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