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Active and Outdoor Games                  195
The server stands with one foot on the back line. The ball is served over the net into any part of the opponents' court.
A service which strikes the net or anything within the playing space, even if it falls in the court of the opponent, is a fault; if it falls without the opponents' court, the server retires.
A server loses his service if he serves two consecutive faults.
In a service the ball must be batted at least ten feetó no dribbling allowed. To "dribble" is to strike a ball quickly and repeatedly into the air.
A service where the ball would strike the net but is struck over the net by a player of the same side, is good. The person then serving continues to do so until "out," by the ball's being knocked out of bounds by his side or on their failure to return it.
Each good service unreturned, or ball in play unre-turned, or ball knocked out of bounds by the side receiving, counts one point for the side serving. A side scores only when the opposing side makes a failure.
Should any player during the game touch the net, it puts the ball out of play and counts against him. If said player is on the serving side, the ball goes to his opponents; if on the receiving side, one point is scored for server. Should two opponents touch the net simultaneously the ball is declared out of play.
If the ball strikes any object outside the court and bounds back again it shall count against the side which struck it last.
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