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Active and Outdoor Games                  197
prevent his winding the ball in that direction and endeavour to wind it in the opposite one.
Tennis rackets are used to strike the ball so as to wind the string up the pole above the black line. The ball may be hit once and must then go into the op­ponents' court.
The game is begun by the server, which is done from the middle of each person's court, at the places marked by the crosses.
Each player must keep himself, his arm and his racket within his own court, never stepping within the circle about the pole.
If, in taking a ball for service, it must be either wound or unwound on the pole a half-turn, in order to reach the other side, it should be unwound.
Fouls: The violation of any of the above rules constitutes a foul.
If the string winds around the handle of the racket or about the pole below the black mark, this counts against the person in whose favour it is wound.
The game is over when the string has been wound completely on the pole above the black mark.
Garden Hockey is played between two parallel straight lines, which are marked out with tape upon the lawn—three feet six inches apart. The goal-posts are placed between the lines at opposite ends of the field of play.
The width between the goal-posts should be fourteen inches. They are formed of two short uprights with a cross-piece. The length of the tapes or side-lines should be twelve yards for two or four players, but may
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