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Active and Outdoor Games                 199
if the ball were touched last by the club of a player on the same side as that on which the ball crossed the line, the opponents may claim a free hit.
7.  It shall not be lawful for a player to allow himself to be touched by the ball on the field of play, or to touch the ball in any way, other than with the playing end of the club, while the ball is "in play," under penalty of a free hit to the opposite side.
8.  No player may step over his line in the act of play, under penalty of a free hit to his opponents.
9.  When a free hit is allowed the ball shall be placed in the centre of the field opposite the point where the error was committed.
10.  No player may in any way interfere with an op≠ponent when allowed a free hit, neither may he advance his club to within three feet of the ball or of the club of the striker; except that an opponent may always place the head of his club in the immediate front of his goal to guard it in the event of a near free hit.
11. The play shall be always from the wrist, and in striking, the head of the club must never be raised, nor swung, above eighteen inches from the ground, under penalty. No hard hitting is allowed.
12. When the ball passes behind the line of the goal (without passing between the goal-posts), it shall be replaced in the centre of the field at a distance of three feet from the centre of the goal. And (1) if the ball was touched last by an opponent, then the goal-keeper shall have a free hit. (2) But if the ball was touched last by one of that side to which the goal belongs, then shall the goal-striker have a free hit at the goal which may alone be guarded by the club of the goal-keeperó remembering Rule 10.
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