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stands near it. The rest then in turn throw their stones so as to try to knock off the duck-stone.
When one succeeds, there is a general stampede for "home"; but if "It" can replace his stone and then touch any one before passing the home line, the latter becomes "It " and then places his stone upon the rock for the rest to aim at.
Occasionally a very fleet runner, so touched, will manage to run back, place his stone upon the rock and touch the former "It" before he has had time to get his stone and get "home."
If all the stones fail to dislodge the "duck" their owners cannot touch them. They are forfeit to "It" and must make terms with him to recover their stones and carry them home.
One may be allowed to "jump" home—which means hold the stone between the feet and, so loaded, hop home. Another may ask the privilege of "kicking." The stone is worked onto the foot and kicked homeward. Or "heeling" may be accorded—upon demand. This consists in a backward kick of the stone towards home, effected with the heel.
While the test is going on no other player must go home.
The privilege of trying these various feats is eagerly sought, and the first one who fails in getting his stone home must become "It."
Two captains are chosen—who select a player al­ternately until all belong to one side or the other. They then proceed to mark out two bases or homes, opposite and at some distance from one another, and
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