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Active and Outdoor Games
The Warner then calls "Warning!" three times, and sallies forth with his hands clasped in front of him. In this position he must try to touch one of the other players, who strive to make him unclasp them by pulling his arms, drawing temptingly near, etc. If they succeed in making him loose his clasp, or if he does so by inadvertence, he must run home as fast as possible.
If he is caught before reaching there he loses his place as Warner. If he succeeds in touching any one without unclasping his hands the captive becomes his ally and they both run home as fast as they can. Once home, they are safe—and they then start out hand in hand, after calling the three warnings, and try to capture another, without loosing their hold. Every captured player is added to their ranks, but every one must be taken home first before he is admitted to a share in the fight.
The line of Warners thus increasing, the difficulty of evading capture grows greater at every accession to their ranks, but it is also a source of weakness, being unwieldy—and if the hands do not hold to each other very tightly, a player at large may break through at any weak point in the line and escape capture.
The field of play must be within rather narrow limits, for the only chance of the pursuing party to make captures is to pen or corner the fugitives.
The last player to escape being taken becomes the next Warner.
The King is chosen by any one of the counting-out rhymes. Fate, therefore, having rejected all but one, he takes possession of a mound or hillock and bids
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