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204 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
defiance to his foes. He taunts them with abusive epithets, as:
"I'm the King of the Castle, Get down, you cowardly rascal!"
He is then assailed by the other players, every one a claimant for his position of eminence—and, alone, he must try to maintain it.
Fair pulls and pushes are allowed, but the clothes must not be pulled, under penalty of being set aside as a Prisoner of War, which really means expulsion from the game.
Sometimes the King is permitted to have an ally, who merely stands by to see fair play, and to capture any one breaking the rules.
The odds against the King, beset by so many enemies, are so great that he does not long retain his position, and the one who dethrones him takes his place and possession of the "Castle."
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