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2o6 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
At the last word all squat down, and if the one in the centre of the ring can catch one of the others before the squatting position is taken that one must then take his olace.
Two players hold their joined hands up as high as they can to form an arch, which represents the bridge. Each has previously chosen some object, which he or she is supposed to represent—a rose or a lily, a pearl or a diamond, and the train of children pass under, holding on to each other's skirts and jackets, singing—
Suddenly, the bridge falls, and the arms enclose a prisoner, who is detained until he or she makes a choice between the lily or the rose, the pearl or diamond, and then takes a stand behind the player whose device is chosen. When all have made their choice, a tug-of-war ensues.
This is adapted for very little folk—as a ring game, probably played by their ancestors to remote genera­tions. The children join hands, dance around and sing—-
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