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Children's Singing Games                    213
The inquirers take up the song again, while dancing back and forth, to the words—
"Miss Jennia Jones is washing, Is washing, is washing, Miss Jennia Jones is washing And can't be seen to-day." The questions are taken up again, and reply comes that she is ironing, sweeping, baking, etc. Finally it is confessed that she is very ill, then worse, then dead. The news is received with pantomimic expressions of deep grief.
The question of her apparel is then taken up : "What shall we dress her in, Dress her in, dress her in ? What shall we dress her in, Dress her in to-day?" Some one suggests "Blue" and the chorus sings— "Blue is for sailors, For sailors, for sailors, Blue is for sailors And that will never do." Green ?
"Green is forsaken, Forsaken, forsaken, Green is forsaken, And that will never do." Black?
"Black is for mourners, For mourners, for mourners, Black is for mourners, And that will never do." Pink?
"Pink is for babies, For babies, for babies,
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