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Games for Sunday Evenings
T HE slenderest rhyming facility only is needed to play the game of Scripture Alphabet. One person writes a line beginning with "A," which must be the initial of somebody or something mentioned with some prominence in the Bible. The second player must write the next line in the same metre, beginning with "B"; the third "C," and so on, until the end of the alphabet is reached—passing the paper from one to another. Any one who confesses inability may refuse, and the next player writes the line, until finally one person may be left alone as victor. If two or more contestants still dispute the victory when "Z" is reached, they may recommence with "A."
No. i
A was a traitor found hung by his hair.
B was a folly built high in the air.
C was a mountain o'erlooking the sea.
D was a nurse buried under a tree.
E was a first-born, bad from his youth.
F was a ruler, who trembled at truth.
G was a messenger, sent with good word.
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