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218 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
A character is chosen by the company in the absence of one player, who, upon his return, is told, for example, that the person selected is "a woman of the Old Testa­ment, whose eagerness to secure a blessing for her son brought sorrow instead of joy."
Each person is then questioned in turn, and each has chosen a new character, the initial letters of which in suc­cession will spell the word originally decided upon.
No. i answers, "I am one whose rejection of faithful counsellors led to a national rebellion."
No. 2. "To me was the charge of the Tabernacle committed during the wilderness journey."
No. 3. "I was so wrong-headed that even my dumb beast tried to lead me aright."
No. 4. "I am a prophet who was a witness for God before multitudes, and yet fled for my life at the threat of a woman."
No. 5. "I am the father of a man who made a failure of his life, though in appearance 'every inch a king.'"
No. 6. "I represent the place of Israel's first defeat after entering Canaan."
No. 7. "I had a fine navy, which brought great riches to Jerusalem."
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