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Games for Sunday Evenings                219
Answers to Bible Characters No. 1 Rebekah:
1.  Rehoboam.
2.  Eleazar.
3.  Balaam.
4.  Elijah.
5.  Kish, father of Saul.
6.  Ai.
7., Hiram of Tyre.
To be written and the answers appended:
Who like the lion seeketh to devour, The godly man in an unguarded hour? Whose occupation did the apostle share
When forced to labour for his daily fare? In what did Ruth her present take away, Which to her mother she did straight convey? To what great sin was Israel's nation prone ? Which robbed their God of what was his alone ? Who was by faith enabled to despise The lion's yawning jaws and glaring eyes ?
Take the above initials, and you'll find the name of one most favoured of mankind. He, choosing in his youth the better part, was called by God one after his own heart.
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