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Games tor Sunday Evenings                 221
No. 2 We left our little ones at home, And whither went, we did not know, We for Religion's sake did roam And lost our lives in doing so.
We wandered in a perfect way, With many wicked in full view, We lived for man, we died for God, Yet of religion nothing knew.
No. 3 God fashioned Adam out of dust, But in His wisdom made me first; A living creature I became, And Adam gave to me a name.
Then from his presence I withdrew, Nor more of Adam ever knew, But God, whose purpose none can see, Next put a living soul in me.
But soon that soul He did reclaim, Though changed in this, not changed in name, I have no legs, no arms, no soul, I wander now from pole to pole.
I labour hard both night and day, To fallen men much light display. To heaven I shall never go, Nor to the grave, nor hell below.
No. 4 My name declares my date to be The morning of a Christian year; Though motherless, as all agree, I am a mother, it is clear;
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