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222 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
And, not to puzzle you too much, 'Twas I gave Holland to the Dutch.
No. s
The highest gift of God to man, When all His wondrous works we scan, That which we always lose with sorrow, And sometimes are compelled to borrow. The lover's gift, the poet's song. What art makes short and nature long, And made the mighty Samson strong.
Answers to Bible Conundrums
No. i. Salt. The book, "Looking Backward," by Bellamy.
No. 2. The milch kine are supposed to tell of their experience in being compelled by the Philistines to leave their calves, and drag the cart bearing the Ark of the Covenant out of the land, where its presence had brought trouble upon the enemies of the Lord—wherever it was kept. Driven out, they wandered into the land of God's people, where the cart furnished the wood, and the kine a burnt offering, as a sacrifice of thanksgiving for the safe return of the Ark. I. Sam. 6, 10-14.
No. 3. The Whale that swallowed Jonah.
No. 4. Adam, a dam (mother), a dam (dyke).
No. 5. Hair.
The following games of questions may be played in two ways:
First, the questions may be written upon slips of paper and thrown into a receptacle, from which they are withdrawn by the players in succession. After a few moments for reflection, the first player gives the answer
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