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Games for Sunday Evenings                227
of guilt, compunction of conscience, self-accusation. Repentance adds the deep purpose of self-amendment.
17.  At Antioch.
18.  Character.
19.  To attest their claims.
20.  By symbolism, where we use imagery. When the Western mind tries to understand Eastern thought, it must not make pictures in imagination, but interpret its meaning by the symbols that stand for things incapa­ble of representation. "The Revelation" becomes intelligible and sublime thus read, abhorrent if its descriptions are pictured.
21.  Completeness.
22.  Intelligence.
23.  Power.
24.  The Passover.
25.  Money—God's great rival.
26.  Compassion, forbearance. We appeal from God's, justice to His love.
27.  Undeserved favour, unmerited love.
28.  The seed of the parable is the word, which contains a thought, that germinating moulds character, controls action, inspires conduct.
29.  A prediction is a forecast of the future based upon something that the present or past has shown. A prophesy is a foretelling of events that have no relation to past or present. Men may predict, but, uninspired, they can never prophesy.
30.  In the ninth century the work was begun, but in the thirteenth century a more systematic division was made (ascribed to Archbishop Langton) to facilitate reference to the text—later into chapters.
31.  St. Jerome—living in Bethlehem twenty-one years for that purpose.
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