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228 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
32.  Canon—Greek word for a straight rod, testing-rule, as a rule of life and gauge of excellence. From the time of Origen, applied to those books regarded as genuine and of divine authority.
33.  The stone tables upon which were the Ten Com­mandments, written by the finger of God, a sample of the manna, and "Aaron's rod that budded."
34.  Aramaic, a mixture of Hebrew and Chaldaic. After the captivity in Babylon, Hebrew in its purity was no longer spoken, but from that time a language was formed by its admixture with Chaldaic.
35.  Four hundred years.
36.  Some ascribe it to Apollos, but most critics believe Paul to be its author.
37.  The second epistle to Timothy, written just before his martyrdom.
38.  The crocodile.
39.  Rameses II.
40.  Menephtha—son of Rameses II.
41.  One-sixteenth of a cent.
42.  The length of a man's forearm, from his elbow to the point of his middle finger, about 20 inches.
43.  About seven-eighths of a mile.
44.  In order to transpose the Jewish reckoning to the modern mode, add six to the Jewish hour, and if it makes more than 12, then subtract 6. The third hour would thus be 9 o'clock.
45.  A talent in American money equivalent would be $26,280, and would probably purchase ten times as much as the same sum now. A Roman penny (about fifteen cents) was then regarded as a good day's wages.
46.  He is generally supposed to be the same as Artax-erxes.
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