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Games for Sunday Evenings                229
47. A younger brother of Seneca, a very handsome but shallow youth, spoiled by popularity.
1.  What was the first command of God ?
2.  On what occasion did man first exercise his power of speech?
3.  Who was the first human transgressor?
4.  What was the first recorded prophecy?
5.  Who was the first exile in Bible times ?
6.  Who told the first recorded lie?
7.  Who was the first bigamist on record ?
8.  Who was the first person that died a natural death ?
9.  Who offered the first recorded prayer ?
10.  What was the first mentioned meat for food?
11.  By whom was the first land purchased ?
12.  What is the first recorded use of current money?
13.  How was the first recorded oath administered?
14.  Of what did the first wedding-present consist?
15.  Where is the first mention of giving a tenth to God?
16.  Who erected the first monument to the dead?
17.  With what operation are physicians first men­tioned ?
18.  Who was the first Jewish High Priest?
19.  Who was the first sacred historian?
20.  Which of the tribes marched first in the wilderness journey ?
21.  Who was the first to commit suicide, and how?
22.  Where is the first mention of a library?
23.  What was the text of our Saviour's first sermon?
24.  Who was the first recorded Gentile convert?
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