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Games for Sunday Evenings                233
44.  Who does the Scriptures say "cannot prosper"?
45.  Who prayed, "Give me neither poverty nor riches" ?
46.  Who said, "There is no discharge in that war"?
47.  To whom was it revealed several hundred years before that the Redeemer should be born of a virgin ?
48.  Who said, "The heavens shall be dissolved"?
49.  Who lamented " the harvest is past, and the summer is ended '' ?
50.  Who asked, "Can the Ethiopian change his skin"?
51.  What other nation besides Israel is to be scattered to all people ?
52.  Who was Belshazzar's successor as king of the Chaldeans ?
53.  Who said, "Ephraim is joined to his idols, let him alone" ?
54.  What prophet was a herdsman ?
55.  What prophet was sent as a missionary to the Gentiles ?
56.  What prophet said," In wrath, remember mercy " ?
57.  What prophet said, "They save wages to put into a bag with holes" ?
58.  Who said, "At evening time it shall be light"?
59.  Who asked the question, "Will a man rob God?"
60.  What became of the golden calf set up by Aaron in the wilderness journey ?
61.  For how long did marriage exempt a man from going to war?
Answers to Old Testament Queries
1.  Asshur.óGen. x, 11.
2.  Judah.óGen. xxxvii, 26, 27.
3.  Asenath.óGen. xli, 45.
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