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236 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
2.  Who were the first called of the disciples ?
3.  Whose birthday was celebrated by dancing?
4.  With whom did Jesus spend his last Sabbath ?
5.  Who was the only person, according to the sacred Scriptures, who raised a voice in behalf of Jesus during the trial?
6.  Who rose from the dead without the interposition of the Prophets, Jesus, or the Apostles?
7.  What prophet was seen 1,500 years after his death ?
8.  Of whom was it said, "She hath done what she could"?
9.  What are the first recorded words of Jesus?
10.  Who paid the hotel bill of a man who had been robbed ?
11.  To what king did Christ refer when he said, "Go ye and tell that fox" ?
12.  Who asked Jesus, "Art thou only a stranger in Jerusalem" ?
13.  Who testified of Jesus that he was both his suc­cessor and predecessor?
14.  By whom are we told to "search the Scriptures" ?
15.  What is the test of discipleship ?
16.  Whose curiosity was checked by Christ, telling him in effect to mind his own business ?
17.  Who is pronounced a Doctor of the Law?
18.  Who was reading the writings of a prophet while riding in a chariot ?
19.  What were Paul's first words after conversion?
20.  Who was the first Apostle to raise a dead person to life?
21.  Which of the disciples was a tanner?
22.  Who, in speaking of Christ, said, "He went about doing good " ?
23.  Who was the first Christian convert in Europe?
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