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240 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
A contest in which all present write the names of the books of the Bible, in their correct order of succession, will be found to offer surprising difficulty among adults as well as children—unless they have been brought up so that ignorance of that subject would rank with lack of knowledge of the multiplication table. Instead of making lists, separate cards each with the name of a "book" written upon it will facilitate the arrangement for the competitors. A time-limit should be set, and the one who takes the place of umpire receives the lists or inspects the rows of cards, and announces the winner, who should receive some little honour.
Here is a contest for finding out the recipe for a very delicious cake. The cake itself may be served at the conclusion of the game with afternoon tea, or would probably not be unacceptable at any hour. Those who can write the correct answers either from memory or by guesswork, naturally win the contest. For verifica­tion, or in looking up the various ingredients in the Bible, interest is likely to be aroused in the subjects which occasion their mention.
4J cups of I. Kings iv, 22,
1  cup of Judges v, 25, last clause,
2  cups Jeremiah vi, 20,
2 cups I. Samuel xxx, 12,
2 cups Nahum iii, 12,
2 cups of Numbers xvii, 25,
A pinch of Leviticus ii, 13,
6 Jeremiah xvii, ii,
£ cup of Judges iv, 19, last clause,
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