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Games for Sunday Evenings                 241
2 teaspoonfuls of Amos iv, 5.
Season to taste of II. Chronicles ix, 9.
A game that stimulated reading and investigation in many directions was invented by a mother to entertain and instruct her family of growing boys and girlsóbased upon the Benedicite of the Prayer-Book, which, as is supposed, was the song sung by the " Three Children in the fiery furnace."
After several Sunday evenings devoted to playing it, the children declared that when the "Benedicite" was sung in church they really understood how birds, beasts, fishes, and stars could praise God.
Each verse of the famous psalm was written on separ≠ate bits of paper. These were thrown into a covered basket and withdrawn, one by one, by the players in turn.
The person to whose lot fell the lines calling upon any one of God's creations to praise Him, was expected to tell some fact in relation to that being or object.
Failing to answer, the paper was passed on.
Each person who contributed any interesting fact received a counter with the name of the subject in which he had shown himself well informed written upon it. One who showed greater proficiency and familiarity with the subject was given a card with a picture upon it that had to do with that topic.
A sample game, for instance, would be: "A" receives the line of the psalm calling upon "the ice and snow to praise the Lord," and he tells how water, when cooled below a certain temperature, passes into ice and, becom≠ing lighter, rises to the surface, interposes a barrier to the cold air, and leaves a body of water below it, in
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