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242 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
which the fish can live and move freely in a temperate region.
To "B's" lot falls the opportunity to tell of "mount­ains and hills" that act as loadstones to the clouds and draw down the fertilising rain, and also form the great watersheds of the earth, where the rivers rise, so dis­tributing the water-supply and preventing it's lying in stagnant pools, as it would if the earth were flat.
"C" may draw the paper about the "fowls of the air," and, beyond appreciation of their singing as a contribu­tion to the joys of life, knows little and passes on the paper.
"D" tells of their plumage—so light that that of an owl weighs but an ounce and a half, warm to resist the heat-robbing currents of the air, and made waterproof by the bird's power to secrete an oily substance to smear over the feathers. The bones, hollow for lightness, and their structure so strong that a swallow flies ninety miles an hour, unwearied.
For the "beast and cattle" one tells perhaps of the internal reservoir of the camel, which is filled with water when opportunity serves, its complex stomach set around with deep sacs which, compressed, give forth their con­tents for the beast's refreshment. The hump, too, gradually disappears during a long journey, having con­tributed to the animal's nourishment.
The subject of "green things upon the earth" gives great scope, and the attempt to tell of the "stars of heaven"—the nearest fixed star twenty millions of millions of miles away—Sirius three times as far—leaves one mentally gasping in the effort to imagine space.
The "powers of the Lord" offers opportunity to tell of interesting facts of electricity.
Each player kept the counters and cards teceived
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