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244 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
for gentlemen, when both are playing, the host awards the former and the hostess the latter. Of course, the recipient unwraps it at once, that the other players may see and admire.
Among friends who are well acquainted, or where the entertainment is very informal, a "booby" prize—some absurd article suggestive of crass ignorance or failure in the particular line emphasized by the success of the victor—certainly adds much to the fun. A stranger, however, or a very sensitive person, would feel embar­rassed by its bestowal, and therefore upon many occa­sions it is preferable to have a second prize both for ladies and gentlemen, which goes by the name of the "consolation" prize.
All who have not won the first award cast lots for this. The usual mode of doing so is to place a pack of cards, face down, upon the table, when each player in succession turns up a card. The first one to turn an ace is entitled to the prize.
It is a grave mistake to provide prizes so costly or so much to be desired as to arouse cupidity and tempt those who are ostensibly playing for pleasure to really play for gain. Neither does one wish to go so far to the other extreme that that which is intended to do honour to the winner shall be seen only to be despised. Better than this is it to have some little mock ceremony in which the victor shall be made prominent.
He or she may be crowned with a laurel wreath, given a palm-branch, or flag with "Victory" in gilt letters upon it, or "decorated" with an imitation "order" or medal. A broad moire ribbon adorned with a gilt tinsel star may be worn by the successful contestant across the breast, or a gorgeous "Order of Victory" be evolved out of gilt paper or tinsel cord and mock
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