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Prizes and Penalties                         245
gems. A leather medal, a dunce-cap. or a toy donkey or goose, make good "boobies."
Small, round boxes tricked out in crepe paper frills make pretty, inexpensive prizes or favours, particularly for children. Scarlet ones look like poppies, pink like roses, or if the petals are notched, like carnations; green of two shades like heads of lettuce, etc. The crepe paper lends itself to manipulation so that the petals look most natural. Any one with the ordinary complement of wits and fingers can make them.
For the penalties, required by some games in order to redeem the forfeits given, something in the nature of "stunts " or "parlor-tricks " will make an amusing enter­tainment in itself. Some one with inventive wits should be chosen to impose the task for each culprit. Some­times each player writes a penalty upon a bit of paper. Those for the gentlemen and ladies, respectively, are upon papers of different colours. They are then collected by the leader.
Here are a few suggestions:
1.  Stand an umbrella upon its end in the middle of the room, let go its handle, pirouette rapidly, and snatch the umbrella before it falls.
2.  Stand against the wall, drop a handkerchief at your feet, and, without bending the knees, stoop and pick it up.
3.  Make a paper ball of any size, lay it upon the floor, then stand away from it the distance of three times the length of your own foot and try to kick it out of the way.
4.  The leader may impose this penalty upon two delinquents together: They are told to stand upon an open newspaper in such a manner that they cannot pos­sibly touch one another. Their puzzled attempts may
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