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246 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
be ineffectual, until it is explained that if the newspaper be placed over the sill of a door, the feat may be accom­plished if they each stand upon the paper with the door closed between them.
5.  Two other culprits may be ordered to kneel oppo­site each other, one holding a lighted candle and the other one unlighted. Each then takes his or her left foot in the left hand, and balancing upon one knee, tries to light the one candle from the other. No suspicion of its difficulty will appear until it is tried.
6.  Another feat with a candle is to drop upon one knee, holding the other foot straight out before one. A lighted candle is then placed on the floor at one side, an unlighted one at the other. Balanced thus on the one knee and without touching the floor with the hands, one is required to pick up both candles, light the one from the other, replace them, and rise to one's feet.
7.  Eating a string rabbit-fashion is an amusing feat, if there is a person at each end and a bonbon suspended between. The string is taken into the mouth, drawn in with the lips—each one endeavouring to reach and appropriate the bonbon before the other.
8.  Two persons are blindfolded, and, starting from opposite ends of the room, are told to shake hands. Their efforts to comply are amusing to the spectators.
9.  A gentleman is sentenced to speak to every lady in the room, merely saying, "Poor Pussie," to which they each respond, "Meow!"
10.  Two persons are blindfolded and each is given a bowl and spoon. They are then requested to feed each other. The bowl contains flour, bread or cracker-crumbs, or rice. The fun remains with the spectators.
ii. A gentleman is ordered to propose his own health in a complimentary speech.
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