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Prizes and Penalties                         247
12.  Two persons, blindfolded, are sentenced to waltz together.
13.  This is called "The Knight of the Rueful Counte­nance." The condemned must take a lighted candle in his hand, and select some other player to be his squire, who takes his arm and leads him before each lady in the company, whose hand the squire must kiss, and after each kiss must carefully wipe the Knight's mouth with a handkerchief. The Knight must carry the candle all through the penance and preserve the utmost gravity.
14.  This rather difficult feat should be given to an athletic player. A card with ends folded down is placed upon the floor. The person under sentence is told to pick it up without touching it with his hands. He must kneel, and, placing his elbow against his knees, reach out his arm at full length on the ground. Where the point of his middle finger reaches, the card is placed with its upright end next him, and, with both hands behind his back, he must pick up the card.
The time-honoured mode of imposing the penalties for forfeits is for one to hide his or her head in the lap of another, who takes the articles up one by one, and hold­ing it up, the following dialogue ensues:
"Here is a thing, and a very pretty thing. What shall the owner do to redeem it?"
"Fine or Superfine?" (meaning boy or girl).
The answer is given and the owner is called by name and sentenced.
For example:
1. Two persons are told to "sail the ship." Their feet are braced together, and they must whirl rapidly around, and then slowly come to a standstill. The gait
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