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248 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
of the "sailors" immediately thereafter will suggest rough weather and a heavy sea.
2.  A bit of paper is pinned to a curtain or portiere, and then blindfolding the culprit, he is requested to remove it.
3.  One is told to kiss himself or herself—which may be done on the hand or on the reflection in a glass.
4.  "Walking Spanish" is an old favourite. A cane or umbrella is given to the person under sentence, which he rests upon the floor, puts both hands upon its top and then rests his forehead upon them. While in this position, he must turn around three times, and then, with head erect, walk straight ahead.
5.  A large bottle is placed upon its side. The delin­quent is seated upon this, with the heel of his right foot resting upon the ground and the heel of the left foot against the toe of the right. A good-sized needle is then given him, and a thread which he must endeavour to pass through the needle's eye without losing his balance.
6.  A boy or girl may be told to lie down at full length on the floor and rise with the arms still folded.
7.  A German band is announced as about to give a performance. Three or four of the company are re­quested to imitate the sound of some musical instrument in concert—to some popular and familiar air.
8.  Blindfold a person, and then let each of the com­pany give him a spoonful of water from a glass until he guesses who it is that is feeding him.
9.  A favourite sentence for transgressors of the laws of games is the following: Two persons stand at opposite ends of the room, each holding a lighted candle. They advance slowly, and with deep gravity look into each other's faces. When they meet, the following dialogue takes place:
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