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Prizes and Penalties                       249
"The Princess Hugger-Mugger is dead, defunct and gone."
"Can it be possible ! Alack and alas ! "
They then retreat to their starting-points with the same solemnity. The fact that they must not smile makes it very difficult to refrain.
10. The penance of a pilgrimage to Rome is another old favourite. The penitent announces his intention, and, going around to each of the company, begs for some­thing to take on his journey. Every one must give him something—the more cumbersome the better. When he has collected them all, he may be relieved, but not before.
12. The person whose forfeit is called is sent into exile— i. e.f banished to the part of the room the most remote from the rest of the company, with whom he is forbid­den to communicate for five minutes unless he can repeat "Bandy-legged Borachio Mustachio Whisken-fusticus of Bagdad, boldest, bravest of bandits, beat down a bumble-bee at Balsora."
A good way to impose the collection of forfeits is to supply every boy with a bag of peanuts or hickory nuts and every girl with one of beans or clothes-pins, each bag containing a like number. When a forfeit is incurred a nut, bean or clothes-pin is given up, and the one who at the end of the game has the most nuts, beans, or pins left is accounted the winner of the game—and perhaps of a prize. This is appropriate for any game like "Yes and No," in which a failure does not impose banishment from the competition.
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