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Catches and Riddles
Put down the year in which you were born, to which add 4, then add the age which your next birthday will make you, provided it comes before January first, other­wise your age at your last birthday. Multiply result by 1,000. and deduct from this 693,423; substitute for the figures, corresponding letters of the alphabet: A, for 1, B for 2, C for 3, D for 4, etc.
The result will give the name by which you are popu­larly known.
This arrangement is for the year 1904. For each suc­ceeding year add 1,000 to the amount to be deducted. Thus for 1905 deduct 694,423, for 1906 695,423, and so on-
This catch is simply a matter of memory and atten­tion, but it is surprising how few persons are able to fol­low its directions to a successful issue. Sometimes a dozen persons will make the attempt in turn, and every­one be tripped up on some point omitted.
The leader sets the example* and, telling the players to watch carefully that each in turn may do as he has done, he raises his wine-glass held between his thumb and fore­finger, saying, "I drink to the health of General Sapt." He takes one sip and sets the glass upon the table with a marked tap of the glass on the wood, strokes his mous­tache with the right forefinger, then on the opposite side with the forefinger of the left hand, taps the table once with each forefinger, stamps once with each foot, bows once, and rises and reseats himself once.
Next, he raises his glass held between thumb and two fingers, exclaiming, "I drink to the health of General
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