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252 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
vSapt, Sapt," He sips twice from the glass, sets the glass down, tapping the table with it twice, smooths his moustache twice in succession with two fingers of the right hand, then twice with two of the left, taps the table with two fingers of the right hand, then two taps with two of the left. He stamps twice with each foot, bows twice, rises twice from his chair, and then resumes it. This is repeated, doing everything in threes, then in fours. The one who makes no mistake is entitled to applause.
Seat a person at a table and place before him a mirror. Give him pencil and paper and request him to draw the following design while looking in the glass:
Hold a sheet of paper over his right hand so as to hide it entirely from his sight.
It will be found surprisingly difficult to draw the diagonal lines.
Another test may be to write his own name while looking in the glass.
There is a word of plural number, Foe to peace and tranquil slumber. Now, any word you chance to take,
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