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254 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
You'll say it makes no difference,
At least, not very great. But only see the consequence,
That's all that need be done, To change the note of sadness
To unmitigated fun! It clears off swords and pistols,
Revolvers, bowie knives, And all the horrid weapons
By which men take their lives. It wakens better feelings,
And how joyfully is heard The native notes of gladness
Compressed in that one word. Yes, four and eight, my friend,
Let that be yours and mine, Though all the hosts of evil
Rejoice in three and nine.
Answer: Manslaughter—man's laughter.
I am a singular piece of mechanism, as all allow. i. I have a chest,
2.  Two lids,
3.  Two musical instruments,
4.  A number of articles indispensable to a carpenter,
5.  Two lofty trees,
6.  Two good fish,
7.  A number of shell-fish,
8.  A fine stag,
9.  A number of small animals, swift and shy,
10.  Two playful animals,
11.  A number of weathercocks, j2. Two established measures,
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