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256 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
What youngsters admire every day of the year; Take two letters from it, and then without doubt You are what that is, if you don't find it out ? Answer: Glass, -lass, —ass.
"A simple go-between am I, Without a thought of pride; I part the gathered thoughts of men, And liberally divide. I set the soul of Shakespeare free, To Milton's thoughts give liberty, Bid Sidney speak with freer speech, Let Spenser sing and Taylor preach, Though through all learning Swift I glide No wisdom doth with me abide." Answer: A paper-cutter.
1.  What did the bull do in the old woman's china-shop ?—Buttercups.
2.  What did the man on the ice do to his nose ?—Bluet.
3.  What facial characteristics have we all?—Tulips.
4.  What do unmarried men lose ?—Bachelor's-buttons.
5.  What followed the tax on tea?—Tea-rose.
6.  What is a popular girl who can't go to a ball.—A blue-bell.
7.  What's an unpopular one who does go?—A wall­flower.
8.  When you go to buy an alarm clock, what do you ask for?—Four-o'-clock.
9.  What are fire-crackers?—Poppy.
10.  What are they mostly connected with?Cat­tails.
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