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Catches and Riddles                        257
11.  A fact which the cat is inclined to what?—Rue,
12.  Old-fashioned flowers were planted in what?— Primrose.
13.  When a bashful young man is calling, conversation is apt to what ?—Flag.
14.  What are stage-houses made of?—Shamrock.
15.  What is often impressed on little boys?—Lady's slippers.
1.  A sting that cures fatigue ?
2.  A sting that cures hunger?
3.  A sting that tidies your room?
4.  A sting that cooks your meat?
5.  A sting that makes you laugh?
6.  A sting that foolish people indulge?
7.  A sting that spoils your tools?
8.  A sting that browns your bread ?
9.  A sting that makes you read a book through?
10.  A sting that tries?
11.  A sting that adapts ?
12.  A sting that shop-keepers dislike?
1.  Resting.                                   7.  Rusting.
2.  Feasting.                                  8.  Toasting.
3.  Dusting.                                   9.   Interesting.
4.  Roasting.                               10.  Testing.
5.  Jesting.                                  11.  Adjusting.
6.  Boasting.                               12.  Trusting.
My name declares my date to be The morning of the world's first year; Though motherless, as all agree,
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