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258 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
I am a mother, it is clear. A father, too, without dispute, And when my son comes, he's a fruit, And not to puzzle you too much 'Twas I gave Holland to the Dutch? Answer : Adam—a dam—Adam—a damson—a dam.
The highest gift of God to man, When all his wondrous works we scan; That which we always lose with sorrow, And sometimes are compelled to borrow. The lover's gift, the poet's song; What art makes short, and nature long. Answer: Hair.
My first some men will gladly take Entirely for my second's sake; . But very few, indeed, there are, Who both together well can bear. Answer: Mis-fortune.
Mv first is what, My second is not,
And my whole is a piece of furniture. Answer: What-not.
Unto a certain numeial One letter add, sad fate! What first was solitary You will annihilate. Answer : One—n-one.
In my first, forever flow
Sounds of mirth and sounds of woe;
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