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Catches and Riddles                       259
In my second, newly made, Thousands every day are laid; In my whole, we never jest, Prayers are said and sins confessed. Answer: Ear-nest.
My first means company, My second shuns company, My third calls company, My whole entertains company. Answer: A conundrum.
My first is everything, So is my second, My third is also. Answer: Also.
My first is private property, My second is its friend, My whole we guard with jealous care And borrow not, nor lend. Answer: Tooth-brush.
An old king of England, By violence heated, Endangered the weal of his souló To atone for my second, My first he repeated Full nine times a day on my whole. Answer: Ave-rage.
1.  Where is the earth ?
2.  An old man's friend?
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