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Catches and Riddles                        261
In a book ? Leaves.
In the water? Currants. (Currents.)
i. Add 50 to a drink and find a water-bird.
2.  Add 50 to an animal and find part of a monk's costume.
3.  Add 50 to a girl's name and find a record.
4.  Add 50 to a piece of glass and find part of a wainscot.
5.  Add 50 to an ocean and find an animal.
6.  Add 50 to a weapon and find a round vessel.
7.  Add 50 to a place of burial and find small stones.
8.  Add 50 to a vegetable and find a loud noise.
9.  Add 50 to a thicket and find a loose covering.
ANAGRAMS From a box of letters printed on small cardboard squares, one selects those forming a word or short sen­tence, to be made into quite a different word by the players through transposition of letters. It is men­tioned whether the word, after its metamorphosis, should result in one, two or more words. For instance, the words "Best in Prayer" are laid out upon the table to be transposed into "Presbyterian." "Golden Land" becomes "Old England." "Flit on Cheering Angel" is "Florence Nightingale." Another that is probably known is "I hire Parsons" for "Parishioners," and to "Use a blunder" is "Undesirable."
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