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262 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
No. 1
The following anagrammatic letter will interest those who enjoy a puzzle.
Rubhendig, Tanscold Bear jury, Ruth-ten-joe. My Dear Erin-glade:
I send you a letter in a rag-man, knowing that the house-rats of such learned books as yours will soon come to an red nuts and gin of my meaning.
I can imagine that no stem action of your good father, the crymangle, should this early bat of my feelings for surly joe jail into his hands.
So I will place it upon the / creep saje, where you will find it when you descend to your quite spruce garden.
Any of his / hire parsons would expect the heaviest nine thumps which words could inflict, in approaching the crymangle as the accepted there we sat of his only aged Ruth.
Please advise me whether to employ a Pliny ate no tripe, or whether to come myself with what mad policy I can command.
To-night I shall go to the / roar too. I wish that you might be with me to hear the new a dry shop performed by the cart horse. When I return, I shall look for the light of your nice herald as no moon-starer ever looked for the light of a new planet. If it is burning, I will accept it as a sign that I may present myself as a cat dined for into my arm to your respected Norse cat, so to call him.
If you do not approve, send me word by great help.
I am much occupied at the Nay I repent it. The stains crash have excited a spirit of / love ruin among the men.
One of them has been shot. I was his go nurse and must attend his real fun to-morrow. During his last
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