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Catches and Riddles
days he told me that he had acquired the law by the sale of oil soap, but had wasted it all in trying to crush the ten tea-pots of different countries. He assured the live agents who visited him that he belonged to the Best in Prayer Church, and maintained with his latest the bar that he had never sympathised with the neat herds of the doctrine of sin sat on a tin tar tub, but on the con­trary thought it a Simon Peter in tears.
Two sly ware of my acquaintance tried with their witty hair mops to obtain control of his effects, but he left everything to the Sheep at Cairo, who attended him. I have a ring of thy mates which is of somewhat neat leg design, which I consider one hug.
Love Teddy,
For an end. No. 2 FLOWER ANAGRAMS
In each sentence find the name of a flower by trans­posing the letters.
No. 3 ANAGRAM—FAMOUS WOMEN Each sentence contains the name of a woman known
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