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Fortune Telling
T HIS form of unveiling the mysteries of the future would be appropriate for a valentine party, or one given to announce an engagement, or in honour of the approaching nuptials of a young woman who wishes to entertain her bridal attendants in some way suggestive of the same kind of happiness in which she is presumably revelling.
After dinner, or whenever the guests are ushered into the room where their fortunes are to be put to the test, they should find lying upon a round table a wheel three feet in diameter that, at a touch, revolves on a pivot. It is cut from heavy pasteboard, and its entire surface covered with pink paper roses. Upon one of the spokes, a gilded arrow is fastened, pointing outward.
A number of cards must have been previously prepared with fortunes, characters, etc., written upon them, four for each guest if but few are bidden, two or three if a numerous party be expected.
These cards are dealt in a circle around the wheel, blank side uppermost, placed either on the table or the floor by the person who is to unveil the future and learn his or her fortune by setting the wheel in motion by a vigorous whirl. When it has ceased its revolutions, the arrow will point to a card which records the answer.
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