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Fortune Telling                            267
The first question should have reference to the future art, profession, or business of the inquirer—to what he or she will owe success. For this, a separate set of cards is prepared. Upon one is fixed a tiny thimble, on the others a ring, a button, a dime, a butterfly, a laurel wreath (sketched or painted), a pill-box, a pen, a legal-looking document tied with red tape, a paint-brush, a booklet marked "sermons," a "folly" bell, a marble (to typify a rolling stone), which may be enclosed in a bit of tarletan pasted to the card.
If the symbol be inappropriate to the sex of the questioner, it may be assumed as belonging to his or her future mate.
The third set of cards will reveal the character of the one who sets the wheel of fate in motion. One may read:
"Gay without folly, good without pretense, You have that rarest virtue—common sense." Another:
"A man he seems of pleasant yesterdays and confident to-morrows."
A third, perhaps, will be flattered by: "Framed in the prodigality of nature." Many a man would like this to be regarded as applicable to him:
"He would not flatter Neptune for his trident,
Or Jove for his power to thunder." A young woman will be pleased with: . "To know her is to love her And love but her forever!" A good one will like:
"She hath a daily beauty in her life— A tear for pity and a hand Open as day for melting charity."
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