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Fortune Telling                             269
If a fourth set of cards is needed, descriptions of the future mates will interest the questioners—and add to the fun. Upon each card should be written some descriptive adjective: Tall, lank, fat, pretty, plain, dark, blonde, thin, stupid, charming, adorable, beautiful, aristocratic, fascinating, etc.
The interest is more sustained if each person suc­cessively has a turn at the wheel—and reads his or her card aloud. Or, if very flattering, it may be passed to the hostess to be made public.
Any amount of harmless fun and merriment may be had by telling fortunes by the grounds in the tea-cup. Given a little imagination, figures, initials—all sorts of indications may be seen. After the tea has been drunk—leaving but a few drops to "carry the grounds" —the inquirer must make a wish, repeating it in mind three times, after which the tea-cup must be whirled around vigorously to throw the grounds as much as possible into the upper part of the cup. This must be done three times from left to right, when the cup is turned over into the saucer to "settle the affairs of the future," given three turns again from left to right and then handed to the fortune-teller, without looking into the cup one's self, or else, so the oracle says, the spell will be broken.
The prophet or prophetess then picks it up and begins reading from the bottom of the cup (the past), and then around spiral fashion until the top (present or near future) is reached; or three cups may be used— one for the past, the second for the present, the third for the future.
A man is indicated by a long, hard leaf, with
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