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Fortune Telling
at the top, love; in the middle, constancy. If sur­rounded by "clouds," the course of true love will not run smooth.
A star, if not surrounded by "clouds," means happi­ness; if circled by dots, long life.
Mountain, favour of persons of high position, social success. If clouded on its summit, ill-success in society.
Serpent, an enemy. If near the top of the cup, you will be successful, and, finally, turn him or her into a friend. If near the bottom and clouded around, the enmity will cause you sorrow.
Fish, lucky news from over seas. If clouds are near, the reverse.
Seven dots in a row, great prosperity.
A straight line, if surrounded by many grounds, fore­tells an illness.
Wavy lines, if circled by dots, money; if cloudy, reverses of furtune, either past or to come—according to their position in the cup, near the bottom or top.
Tears are indicated by drops at the bottom of the cup, or by many thick dots there.
A succession of large dots in a line foretells difficulties to be overcome. Many fine dots among them, un­friendliness will be superadded.
A leaf folded over the rim promises something un­pleasant.
If the rim of the cup is clear a happy future is assured.
The following jingle is always quoted as a good condensation of the subject. It is a translation of an old Chinese "chia" (tea) song, for the "science" is very ancient:
"One leaf alone, alone you'll be; Two together, the priest you'll see. Three in groups, your wish you'll gain;
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