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272 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Four, a letter from loving swain. Five, good news the letter'11 bring; Six in a row, a song you'll sing. Seven together, great fortune waits For you, so say the Tea-Cup Fates. Tea-leaves short and tea-leaves tall Bring you company great and small. Tea-leaves many and dotted fine Are, of bad luck, the surest sign. Tea-leaves few and clean the rim, Your cup with joy o'erflows the brim."
An amateur may give much pleasure and entertain­ment to friends by a little knowledge of the science of palmistry, and few accomplishments make one more popular than proficiency in that which purports to read character and forecast the future—even while one has little belief in it and has recourse to it "just for fun."
Every one's hand being different, and every line and elevation having its peculiar significance, variety adds its spice to the interest. Begin yotir "stance" with the grave statement that "Nature makes no mistakes, and every one carries his fortune in his hand."
The hands should be stretched out for inspection without resting upon anything.
The lines and mounts in the left hand are those formed by the acts of our parents and ancestors—the char­acter with which we were born. The right hand reveals what we have made of ourselves, how indulged, curbed or cured inherited tendencies—which also implies that we may yet do much. Our hands are written up to date, but they do not seal the destiny. The will is free.
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